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Paperini is a one-stop news app.

Paperini not only serves you your news, but presents it as stories with several sources and viewpoints.

Enjoy a better news experience where everything has context, and enjoy the lack of tracking and ads.

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Young and free

We do a fresh take on news and we’d love to have you join our mission. Why not come along and get a (forever) super cheap subscription* as an early bird reward? The app is free and you can immediately read the free content – no need to register.

* If you like what you see, subscribe! Right now we are offering a limited number of subscriptions for a low, eternal, early-bird price of 4,99 euros/month. When you buy a subscription you get much more: more content, marvellous stories, images and videos – and continuity for your reading. Register in the app (or here), then subscribe by logging in to your account.

What’s the story?

Stories connect the dots between articles, images, videos about the same topic. You choose what topics you want, and in what language you want to read about them.

Get the whole story

Paperini works with big brand publishers, pioneering journalists and local papers to combine global reporting with local perspectives in innovative new ways.

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Do you have a publication? Add it!

Have an opinion or something to report?

Paperini wants to work with you too. Add your existing publication or even start blogging here on Paperini, for free, today. We will connect what you write about to the main news of the day.

People read more news than ever today. There is so much to write about – what would be your part of the story?

Paperini Blog

Journalism should and could be great

The value of reliable and timely information is greatly underestimated. We base our daily decisions on what we know, and what we know is based on news and other stories we consume. You are what you read.

But news is in chaos, as a concept and as a business. It is time to take a new look at news. That’s what Paperini is all about.

Read more about what we think about news in our blog.


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